Frozen Berries

Frozen Raspberries

Due to lack of organic raspberry farms within NZ, we do require sourcing our raspberries via an organic farm in Chile, and more recently from Organic orchards in Serbia, however just like the rest of our berries we 100% guarantee these are organic as per the certification we receive from these orchards. 

Raspberries are available in 450g bags

All packs have the country of origin printed on them.  We pack them here in NZ.

Certified Organic:

Available In:

Retail: 450g-500g pouches

Wholesale: 10 x 450/500g 

Available at leading supermarkets and speciality stores nationwide.

Frozen Mixed Berries - now featuring Blackberry

At OOB, good things come in fours. That’s because our rather delicious frozen mixed berries now feature blackberry too. Not just any old blackberries mind you, but 100% certified organic ones.  And we fetch them from all parts of the earth to be sure only the finest berries arrive at your spoon.  We get them back to Omaha in a flash and pack with a withering eye so only top-notch berries get the nod. We’ve changed to 500g pack (instead of 550g) but that lets us stay totally organic, as most OOB customers already know, it’s 100% organic or nothing for us.  There are probably easier ways to do things. But at OOB we’re all about the right way, not the easy way.


From all the good supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide

All packs have the country of origin printed on them.  We pack them here in NZ.

Frozen Blueberries (and some hot news about frozen)

Ah, the blueberry. Perhaps the most super of all natures superfoods. With the highest antioxdant capacity of all fruits, its said to help your memory, cariovascular system and eyesight too. And if that wasnt enough, theyve just discovered blueberries do all of those things in even bigger doses when theyre frozen. Thats wondrous news for all of you OOB Frozen Organic Blueberry fans. We bring them to you certified 100% organic and icy fresh, meaning you get the very best of the best in every spoonful. Theyre now in 450g packs (instead of 500g) and still completely delicious. Thats quite a good thing too.


From all the good supermarkets and speciality stores

All packs have the country of origin printed on them.  We pack them here in NZ.